Friday :: Dec 28, 2007

Let Huckabee be Huckabee

by Turkana

The theocrats' theocrat, and current Republican frontrunner, does it again. As MSNBC reports:

Yet when he was pressed on whether he would continue certain practices he began in the Arkansas state house, such as a Christian Heritage Week or hanging the Ten Commandments in his office, Huckabee said, "[I] don't know why I wouldn't."

He pointed out that the Christian Heritage Week was celebrated in 37 states, but he was the only person who received attention for it, "which to me showed that there was some level of almost a different sort of treatment that I would get on the religious questions than anyone else."

As for the Ten Commandments in the Oval Office, "the Ten Commandments are in the Supreme Court," Huckabee said, adding that he "wouldn't hesitate" to hang them in the White House. "The Ten Commandments form the basis of most of our laws and therefore, you know if you look through them does anybody find anything there that would be all that objectionable? I don't think most people would if they actually read them," he said.

Never mind such seemingly obsolete concepts as pluralism and separation of church and state, it's the ignorance that is so galling. As Ed Brayton explains:

Utter nonsense. I can't see how anyone who has actually read them could possibly think that they are the basis of "most of our laws. Of the ten commandments, only two would even be constitutional in the United States, with a third being constitutional in limited circumstances. The other 7 could not possibly be the basis for any law because they would be clearly unconstitutional.

Brayton then goes through all Ten Commandments, explaining why seven of them would be unconstitutional. Go read.

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