Friday :: Dec 28, 2007

In which Mike Huckabee demonstrates his knowledge about Pakistan

by Turkana

The New York Times has the damage:

Mike Huckabee used the volatile situation in Pakistan Friday to make an argument for building a fence on the American border with Mexico and found himself trying to explain a series of remarks about Pakistanis and their nation.

On Thursday night he told reporters in Orlando, Fla.: “We ought to have an immediate, very clear monitoring of our borders and particularly to make sure if there’s any unusual activity of Pakistanis coming into the country.”

Because they want to fight us here so we can't fight them there?

“When I say single them out I am making the observation that we have more Pakistani illegals coming across our border than all other nationalities except those immediately south of the border,” he told reporters in Pella. “And in light of what is happening in Pakistan it ought to give us pause as to why are so many illegals coming across these borders.”

But the Times says the Department of Homeland Security says that far more illegal immigrants come from the Philippines, Korea, China and Vietnam than from Pakistan. I guess if you tilt the globe the right way, you can sort of make those countries south of the border. Of course, that would be hard to do without also making Pakistan south of the border, but Huckabee's a resourceful guy. He can figure it out.

He also tried to explain how a border fence would stop Pakistani immigrants, which has something to do with airline security being good and border security not being good. Which doesn't answer the question. He also pointed to Musharraf's problems controlling his eastern border with Afghanistan, the only problem with the statement being that Afghanistan is to Pakistan's west, not east. But we already know Huckabee has a special talent with bending the globe.

Further, he offered an Orlando crowd his “apologies for what has happened in Pakistan.” His aides said later that he meant to say “sympathies.” He also said he was worried about martial law “continuing” in Pakistan, although Mr. Musharraf lifted the state of emergency on Dec. 15. His campaign told CBS News that his statement was not a blunder.

Huckabee seems the perfect Republican presidential candidate. Because, as the last several years have proved, on-the-job training in foreign policy works very well.

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