Sunday :: Dec 30, 2007

2008 Hit Counts Will Go Back Up

by paradox

It hasn’t been discussed much in blogtopia, naturally, but in the last year many a political blog and site owner has viewed Sitemeter stats with increasing anxiety and concern, for the numbers are going consistently down—some quite significantly, others a little—with no indication yet the histograms will get taller, even though with the primaries just around the corner interest should perk the numbers up again.

Why are the numbers so broadly down? Has been the anxious question. Is it a trend or a blip? Will the political influence and power of the internet grow or wane for election 2008? In what ways will internet power specifically be most influential for the next election?

Before some possible answers are given to those interesting questions it should be noted--for those anxious or concerned about waning internet political influence—that their worry is unwarranted. Chill. Yes, hit counts went down in 2007, but there are significant mitigating factors to that decline, and there are many other indicators displaying growing influence of the internet in American politics.

2007 was an off-election year after a record-breaking internet mobilization for the 2006 contests, of course an off year would mean declining political interest and participation. To the great dismay of us all, Democratic leadership of Congress in 2007 resulted in very little change (to put it extremely politely), discouraging some who would normally be participating.

2008 means Iowa right out the gate with the upward hit count trend for the year gradually settling in too, it’s inevitable. Democratic leadership failure is going to hurt 2008 participation, no doubt about it, but the only answer is to keep railing on the sumbitches to get better through the net, to implore the homies to use the internet more effectively, (since they’re so screwed in the current environment) but we’ll get to that later.

Most critical to the continued success and growing influence of the internet is the howling vacuum that spawned its creation in the first place: total American “journalism” failure, it seems hard to believe those slavering corporate jackals could get any worse but damned if they don’t regress further year after year.

Dog turd on the lawn of Satan Chris Mathews, good Lord, hard to believe he could more offensive than the racist Lou Dobbs, but he pulls it off night after night. The great Dan Rather, of all people, is credibly suing his former employer that could end up being a nuclear bomb on the credibility of the industry (such as it is), while the entire pack of sick incompetents decided they could choose candidates, not voters, trying to eliminate John Edwards in the most offensively juvenile manner possible.

The brazen arrogance of our American journalism jackals, it truly is an amazing phenomena, for even after everything that’s gone so horribly wrong they still feel proud to hire Karl Rove and Bill Kristol. With behavior like that bloggers and site owners should rest easy, their continued existence is totally assured, the American public won’t put up the filth those two will produce and will go looking for the truth elsewhere.

American “journalism” failure will continue to be the cornerstone of internet political growth, along with its close rival, money. Every cycle brings new records smashed in numbers of donors and amounts raised, interest and investment in internet politics can only grow with that money potential there.

New tools continue to show up and offer promise—Bill Richardson has a cool phone canvassing software package, Act Blue continues to thrive, and better video tools offer to help solve a hideous problem of the 2004 election, those multi-millionaire media consultants who came up with very little after blowing all that precious treasure from the little people. The widespread ability of campaigns to obtain great commercials for less that $1000 from plain public sources can’t come soon enough.

People-produced commercials are so critical because they offer a seamless route to perfectly bypass the corporate and DC media mentality that currently creates so much crap. Here is what is called The Great Disconnect, DC media babblers and their enabling politicians keep chattering about issues no one gives a shit about, or doing nothing to solve the ones people care the most about. Ron Paul has shown how bypassing that media circus with real language about real issues can produce dramatic results.

2007 hit counts were a blip, not a trend, of that there is no doubt. A great bright future of vivid change awaits the American political environment via the internet, as long as passionate citizens continue to labor in their blogs and sites just for the love of rights and country, paid in the futures of their children. There isn’t any doubt of that continuing to happen either.

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