Sunday :: Dec 30, 2007

Richardson Rising in Iowa

by Ken Camp

As we get closer to Thursday's Iowa caucuses, a new MSNBC/McClatchy/Mason-Dixon poll shows New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson's support surging to 12%, vaulting him back into contention in Iowa.

While 12% isn't enough to win, Richardson doesn't need to win Iowa in order to be successful. Surpassing any of the so-called frontrunners will be a victory for Governor Richardson and give his campaign a boost heading into New Hampshire, while dealing a serious blow to the opposition.

As we saw in 2004, when Iowa voters made up their minds late for John Kerry (who was still polling at 7% in mid-December), in 2008 not all Iowans have made their minds up yet.

The poll also found, however, that one in five Iowa Democrats and one in three Iowa Republicans said they could still change their minds before the caucuses on Thursday — the first big test in the state-by-state battle to choose candidates for the November presidential election. [emphasis mine]

With 20 percent of the voters having a possible change of heart and 8 percent undecided, in addition to his current support which is surging, come Thursday Governor Richardson will be right in the midst of things.

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