Monday :: Dec 31, 2007

Richardson Picks Up Newspaper Endorsement in NH

by Ken Camp

Today the Conway Daily Sun came out and endorsed Governor Bill Richardson for the Democratic nomination for President. While it isn't the Union Leader (the largest newspaper in the state), people in New Hampshire are starting to notice what I've known all along: Governor Bill Richardson is the best qualified candidate to lead our nation.

"Richardson has heavyweight credentials for a heavyweight job; Obama, Edwards and Clinton, by comparison, have barely found their way into the ring," the paper wrote.

"A handful of years as senator for each of them simply does not stack up to Richardson's powerful resume as a former congressman, energy secretary, U.N. ambassador, and now, governor of New Mexico."

Richmentum is now spreading to all corners of Iowa and New Hampshire, thanks to Governor Richardson' willingness to meet with people anywhere, anytime. Urban, suburban or rural, there's no hand that Bill Richardson won't shake and in state's like Iowa and New Hampshire that practice pays dividends.

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