Monday :: Dec 31, 2007

How About a Republican Meme Contest for Sen. Obama's Next Speech?

by eriposte

Since Sen. Obama is clearly not done framing progressives using Republican talking points - he is now calling out Sen. Edwards' "trial lawyer" background (I'm sure Andrew Sullivan, Karl Rove and the GOP are jumping up in joy) - maybe we ought to have a contest on what is the most likely right-wing frame he will adopt next.

His campaign's latest memo is also interesting, to say the least, especially given that recent polls (e.g., see here and here) suggest he is sliding in Iowa and that Edwards is rising (with Clinton either stabilizing or rising). Not surprisingly, one of the talking points in the memo is this one on page 22:

Half Dislike Clinton; Obama Most Liked Amongst General Election Voters

That talking point shows Clinton with a favorable rating of 51% and an unfavorable rating of 48% in a recent Gallup poll.

Well, Big Tent Democrat points out the latest numbers from Rasmussen:

Rassmussen Reports provides these favorable/unfavorabe numbers:

Hillary Clinton 48 FAV, 50 UNFAV
Barack Obama 43 FAV, 51 UNFAV
John Edwards 49 FAV, 42 UNFAV

How do you like "unity" now?

I suspect we will see even more Hope, Change and OptimismTM in the coming days.

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