Wednesday :: Jan 2, 2008

Ben Smith: Clueless

by Turkana

Politico's Ben Smith notes that Obama's use of GOP talking points has pushed some prominent bloggers away from him. Smith mentions Markos, Atrios (now for Edwards, in Iowa), Jane Hamsher, Crooks & Liars, TalkLeft (Big Tent Democrat, actually), and Ezra Klein.

And then:

Two themes to watch: Some of the bloggers are arguing that a win in Iowa that's based on independent and/or GOP support would in some way be less valid; though I suspect that the storyline that he's bringing new people in and appealing to the center will actually be a pretty powerful case outside the most partisan circles.

As one who has made that argument, I'd like to point something out, to Smith: a Democratic caucus is supposed to be a partisan circle! I want a Democratic nominee who represents Democratic values. I don't care about the opinions outside the most partisan circles. They haven't done the nation or the world much good, the past seven years, have they?

Smith closes with a swipe at Hillary. Noting that Klein has criticized Obama for using the "old politics of centrist caution and status quo bias," Smith says:

That's what used to be called, ironically, Clintonism.

And it's why many criticize Hillary. And it's why many Beltway pundits criticized President Clinton- does the word "triangulator" ring a bell? But, of course, Smith proves what has become so clear, in this primary: to middlebrow consumers of conventional wisdom, Obama can do what the Clintons can't. If Obama does it, it must be right; if the Clintons do it, it must be wrong.

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