Wednesday :: Jan 2, 2008

Rudy: Still flailing, still failing, still fearmongering

by Turkana

His campaign apparently in its death throes before a single vote has been cast, Rudy Giuliani knows how to get back into contention. According to the New York Sun:

Mayor Giuliani will announce a new four-point war strategy in New Hampshire today, an effort to refocus a primary campaign season for Republicans that has centered in recent weeks less on foreign affairs and more on immigration and domestic issues.

Foreign affairs?

Specifically, Mr. Giuliani will call for a new military surge in Afghanistan, a change in the way America's spies are promoted so that officers are rewarded for finding actionable intelligence and not just the number of agents they recruit, and a new war on Al Qaeda's intricate network of Web sites, sites used both to communicate with its agents in the field and to recruit new jihadis.

Some would suggest foreign affairs also have to do with diplomacy, but this is Rudy.

As Republican voters have changed the conversation, Mr. Giuliani's campaign has dipped in the national polls and has pulled out of Iowa's first in the nation caucuses scheduled for tomorrow. Instead, Mr. Giuliani has focused his efforts on winning in Florida and South Carolina, and will be campaigning for a respectable showing in the first primary in New Hampshire.

Desperation is not pretty. Rudy's campaign has always been a one-note song, and he apparently believes the only way to get it back on the charts is to keep hammering that note, in new and pretty ways. Unfortunately, for him, appealing to people's basest fears no longer works, even with his party's base.

"I think the problem in Pakistan and the assassination of Benazir Bhutto has raised a lot of concern and questions," the Giuliani campaign's senior foreign policy adviser, Charles Hill, said in an interview yesterday. "The media has focused on it, the American people have asked questions anew, it has certainly made clear that the challenge of Islamic radicalism is very much alive and very much a threat."

And you have to respect the fact that Hill didn't even try to pretend he's not ghoulishly reveling in Bhutto's having been assassinated.

(h/t TPM Election Central)

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