Wednesday :: Jan 2, 2008

Biden will back Obama! Or not...

by Turkana

The news comes fast and furious, in the closing hours before the Iowa caucuses.

HuffPo's Beverly Davis has an unnamed campaign staffer of Senator Joe Biden guessing that the campaign will urge supporters to switch to Senator Obama, should Sen. Biden not reach the critical 15% threshold. Needless to say, this created some excitement among Obama supporters.

Well, the Atlantic's Marc Ambinder spoke with a named Biden staffer- his spokesman, Mark Paustenbach- who spoke on the record, and didn't seem to guessing:

"We do not have a deal with any other candidate," he said.

"The staff meeting was to coordinate caucus strategy. We have no offers to do a deal and we have not reached out to others."

More rumors and hysteria sure to follow...

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