Wednesday :: Jan 2, 2008

My Bold Predictions for the Iowa Caucuses

by Turkana

1) Senator Clinton, Senator Edwards, or Senator Obama will win.

2) Senator Clinton, Senator Edwards, or Senator Obama will come in third.

3) The second-choice votes of the supporters of Senator Biden and Governor Richardson will determine the final results.

4) Because of #3, the entrance polls and the final results may have different winners.

5) If #4 is true, the supporters of the winner of the entrance polls will claim a silver lining victory, as their candidate was the first-choice of a plurality of caucus-goers.

6) The corporate media will make a really big deal out of the results.

7) Because of #6, the winner of the caucuses will gain a big bump, heading to New Hampshire.

8) Because of #3-#7, the Iowa caucuses will again prove that our nomination system is a farce.

9) Senator Mike Gravel will not receive much attention, tomorrow night.

10) The winner of the Republican caucuses will not become our next president. Nor will any of the Republican losers.

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