Wednesday :: Jan 2, 2008

Bill Richardson's Closing Argument in Iowa: Actions Speak Louder than Words

by Ken Camp

In responding to Senator Hillary Clinton's 2 minute paid ad during tonight's evening newscasts in Iowa, Governor Bill Richardson laid out his closing argument for why Iowans should caucus for him tomorrow. The bottom line: Rhetoric without action rings hollow; actions speak louder than words.

"You know, every candidate in this race is asking for the biggest job promotion of his or her life. The voters ought to look at what we've done.

"What has the Senate done in the last 12 months? Since my colleagues took over leadership of Congress, have they gotten us out of Iraq? No. Did they scrap No Child Left Behind and reform education? No. Did they stop an Attorney General who wouldn't say that waterboarding is torture? No. Have they done something to create the next generation of great paying jobs? No.

"I know that we can do better. And I have done better.

"In the last twelve months, I helped shut down North Korea's nuclear reactor. We brought back the remains of 6 American soldiers from that country that had been missing since the Korean War. I extended health coverage to every child under 12 in my state. I raised teacher salaries. I cracked down on unscrupulous lenders. I passed a landmark clean energy bill to create clean air and thousands of jobs that cannot be outsourced.

Since the beginning of the Presidential campaign, Bill Richardson has been talking about de-authorizing or ending the war in Iraq and bringing all American troops home immediately. Richardson intends to bring home all of the troops within the first year of his Presidency.

Other Democrats say they're against the war. But their rhetoric doesn't match their actions.

When questioned on September 26 at the Dartmouth debate,Senators Clinton, Obama and Edwards refused to commit to getting all American troops out of Iraq before 2013. Check the video:

Indeed, Senators Obama and Clinton say they're against the war but continue to vote for funding for it. Senator Clinton plans to leave up to 60,000 residual troops in Iraq and Senator Obama plans to match that number.

As for Senator Edwards, he was a co-sponsor and voted for the Authorization for the Use of Military Force (something he's apologized for) and his plan for Iraq seems to depend on the day. But you can read the Edwards record on Iraq here.

Even Congressman Dennis Kucinich, who has been a fervent anti-war activist from the beginning, has decided that if he's not viable in Iowa, his supporters should caucus for Senator Obama. Apparently Kucinich values future consideration from Obama more than ending the war in Iraq.

Their actions do not math their rhetoric.

However,from the beginning of this race up to today, there has only been one Democratic candidate who has been serious about ending the foreign policy debacle that has been the war in Iraq, and that candidate is Governor Bill Richardson.

With the National Priorities Project estimating that the United States is spending $275 million daily on the war in Iraq, how does Senator Edwards plan to pay for his healthcare plan while he keeps the war going? How do Senators Clinton and Obama plan to fund energy plans to reduce American dependence on foreign oil or build the best word-class education system in the world. And how are any of them going to fight the battle against climate change? The truth is, they won't be able to fund those priorities, because they'll be funding the war in Iraq.

If you believe that 2013 is too late, and you're looking for a leader who has diplomatic and foreign policy experience negotiating in the region, someone who will bring the troops home and restore America's standing in the global community, then your candidate is Governor Bill Richardson. If you're looking for a candidate who talks the talk and walks the walk, then get swept up in Richmentum and support Bill Richardson. It's time for experience and change. Bill Richardson for President.

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