Thursday :: Jan 3, 2008

The Media Are the Menace- Hillary in Iowa edition

by Turkana

Eight years ago, a hostile press catapulted the Republican propaganda against Al Gore, as well-documented in this Eric Boehlert Rolling Stone article, and in the Daily Howler archives. Four years ago, they buried John Kerry, by not reporting honestly on those who were lying about the Senator's military records. Someone named eRiposte has some info, on that. And, of course, there is no one the corporate media love to demonize more than the Clintons. Gene Lyons and Joe Conason & Lyons have written entire books on it. Well, the more things change...

Salon's Glenn Greenwald has yet another must-read, this time on the juvenile press hostility to Hillary Clinton. It would be nice if the hacks who work for the corporate media at least attempted professionalism, but even that, apparently, is too much to ask for. Anyway, I'm not even going to offer a good quote. Just go read.

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