Friday :: Jan 4, 2008

Republicans are terrified of Mike Huckabee

by Turkana

And blueness eloquently explains why:

A resident of redstate California, my AM radio dial is almost wholly occupied by the foghorns of the right.

About a month ago, I began noticing something peculiar. The time devoted by these bloviators to their usual daily jeremiads against "liberals," "the Democrat Party," and "Hillary Rotten Clinton," had begun to dwindle. Instead, increasingly obsessing the airholes of these rightist blowhards, was one of their own--Mike Huckabee.

Their obsession eventually built to a frenzy, one unprecedented since the swiftboating of John Kerry. It climaxed this Wednesday, with Mark Levin condemning Huckabee's "socialist agenda," Sean Hannity damning Huckabee's pardon policy as "Willie Horton times twelve," and Rush Limbaugh determinedly hammering, for three solid hours, ten-penny nails into Huckabee's quivering limbs.

Why? Why work so unceasingly to redirect their listeners' animus from Democrats, to one of their own? First, because they fear that, if Huckabee is their nominee, they will lose the White House. Second, and much worse, because they fear that if Huckabee does manage to attain the Oval Office, he will not swear fealty to the first, the only goal of the Republican establishment: the accumulation of ever greater amounts of capital in fewer and fewer hands.

It's long, but the entire piece is a must-read.

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