Monday :: Jan 7, 2008

To whom it may concern

by Turkana

From Jenan, on McClatchy's Inside Iraq blog:

On the occasion of starting the first stage of American Election (Iowa caucus), and in the name of Iraqi people I would like to adjure the American people to think of Iraqi people and remember all the mistakes that happened in Iraq before directing toward the election boxes. Please choose who has the ability to correct these mistakes.

We hope you will think of our future as much as you will think of yours, that we became part of your future.

Please, be careful remember all Iraqis’ tragedies that happens here because the harmful policy. Also I’d like to inform you that we are waiting your election as if it is our election and may be more because your choice will determine the main lines for our life ... Yes your choice will change our life for good or for bad.

We hope you will choose who will work to stop the Iraqi-American bloodshed for the mothers’ sake, choose who will stop the sadness and the cry of Iraqi and American mothers.

Oh yeah. That.

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