Tuesday :: Jan 8, 2008

Results thread

by Turkana

8:20 (local)- As everyone probably knows, the Democratic race is still too close to call. CNN, MSNBC, and Faux have called the Republican race for McCain. Perhaps the independents didn't all come out for Obama. Romney probably doesn't know it, but he's through.

8:47- Concord Monitor:

CNN, Fox and AP project McCain wins. Clinton doing very well in first half of Manchester to report. Obama carries Concord. Refresh for updates on town-by-town numbers.

It's still very early, but the Obama blowout has not yet appeared.

9:05: The Monitor:

Clinton doing very well in Manchester, has won in Hooksett, Dover, Rochester. Obama carries Concord, Bow.

With over 25% in, Hillary's up 5 points. Exit polls have her losing by five. Either way, it appears her campaign is very much alive.

9:24- More than a third in, and Hillary's still up more than three. Edwards is far behind.

9:39- More than 40% in, and Hillary's up 3. Sixteen years ago, New Hampshire saved Bill Clinton's candidacy. Tonight, it may be going a long way to saving Hillary's.

10:04- More than 50% in, and Hillary's still ahead. Whatever the final count, and I still don't discount an Obama win, Hillary is the story. She was running out of money, a flood of endorsements were rumored to be headed Obama's way, and rumors were even circulating that some on her staff were urging her to drop out, if she lost big. The race is being turned upside down, and it will not be over any time soon.

10:33- Trickle, trickle, trickle. New Hampshire's not very good at this. Their Secretary of State's webpage says they'll have full results online- tomorrow.

More than 60% in, and nothing's changed. Hillary's up a few points.

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