Wednesday :: Jan 9, 2008

Why Edwards matters

by Turkana

Senator Edwards is not going to be president. That doesn't mean he should drop out of the race. He's one of the most articulate populists we've had in a long time. He doesn't have the money to compete with Senators Clinton and Obama, but he should keep going, anyway. He's saying things that need be said. It's also possible that he will win enough delegates to influence the outcome. But his role is even more important than that.

I didn't like when Senator Edwards went negative. For one thing, he chose the wrong traget. Senator Clinton she was never his real opponent. His race was against Senator Obama, to be the anti-Hillary. Had he realized that, he might have made a race of it. But it's more than that. The style and substance of Senator Edwards just don't play well, when he's attacking other Democrats. Negativity doesn't become him. By now realizing he can't win, he can liberate himself from that, and speak only of what really matters to him.

Senator Edwards can make populism a part of the campaign by removing it from the actual horse race. He can also help push Senators Clinton and Obama to be better candidates. I've already noticed him doing so. Senator Obama is becoming a better fighter, and Senator Clinton is becoming a better populist. That's now Senator Edwards's role. Keep the other two honest. Keep them focused on the domestic issues that matter. Keep them focused on fighting for the people. He wins by making his message their message. The country needs Senator Edwards to keep hammering away at it. The country needs to keep hearing it.

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