Friday :: Jan 11, 2008

What Do A Fox Analyst, The Canadian Prime Minister, And Chanel's Top Designer Have In Common?

by Jeff Dinelli

I know you readers needed more Hillary news to kick off your weekend. I'm here for you.

Kirsten Powers, a Fox analyst, no less, wrote up a good piece in today's NY Post lamenting the media's unfair coverage of Sen. Clinton.

It's unusual when the media admit to a bias, so it was a rare treat when the NBC reporter who covers Obama told NBC anchor Brian Williams: "It's hard to stay objective covering this guy."

The same is true for Clinton - except they can't be objective about her in an entirely different way.

They clucked when she raised her voice in a recent debate, but they fawn over John McCain, whose temper is famous. Can you imagine what would happen if Hillary let loose the profanities that McCain has hurled at his Senate colleagues over the years, most recently tearing into Sen. John Cornyn with an expletive-laced rant about the immigration bill?


If voters are lucky, perhaps reporters will learn to be as fascinated by her health-care plan as her laugh.

Don't hold your breath.

Canada's 1st female Prime Minister, Kim Campbell, is pretty angry about the talk of Hillary's New Hampshire tears being manufactured. Quote of the day:

"People say it was all planned and whatever. Oy, give me a break! It's really pathetic."


And finally, Karl Lagerfeld, the, um, eccentric designer for Chanel, has endorsed Hillary for her grand sense of style.

"My favorite is Ms. Clinton because you have no real idea what she is wearing. She is so clever and so brilliant that you see only her face — but also what she wears is right, you never really look at it because one is fascinated by her intelligence. But there is never a gimmick or bad detail either."

Take that, Barack!

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