Monday :: Jan 14, 2008

Jay-Z and Barack Obama

by Jeff Dinelli

Truth is, indeed, stranger than fiction. After a couple of weeks of jokingly predicting Sen. Barack Obama's new campaign theme ("No Woman No Cry" was the most popular with friends), it turns out Obama's camp in reality came up with a much nastier one for the Iowa victory party. While Barack and Michelle entered the Iowa hall, waving and thanking supporters, Jay-Z's "99 Problems (But A Bitch Ain't One)" was pumping out of the loudspeakers.

Now, I'm not suggesting Obama is the DJ for these events, I'm not even saying he gave the real DJ a list of songs he wanted played, like you do at your wedding reception. But his claims of running a "clean campaign" are ringing hollow at this point.

While he still hasn't apologized to the GBLT community for having crazed homophobe Rev. Donnie McClurkin on the payroll, his campaign has insinuated that Sen. Hillary Clinton's campaign has a racist undercurrent. Hillary has personally taken swift action against anyone on her campaign making untoward comments, and indeed, accusing the Clintons of racism is a rather ridiculous idea, given everything the couple has done for minorities during President Clinton's administration and before or since.

"99 Problems (But A Bitch Ain't One)?" This is terrible. The level of discourse in this primary must rise, beginning with the two really quality candidates gaining more control of who works for their campaigns and what they say. Hillary seems to have a grasp of things. Sen. Obama needs to catch up.

Update: Taylor Marsh's attempt at clarification.

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