Monday :: Jan 14, 2008

Obama: "Be A Democrat For A Day!"

by Jeff Dinelli

I hate to be the bearer of bad news again, but it's getting harder and harder to be objective about the Obama campaign. Taylor Marsh has a copy of a flyer circulating in Nevada, urging people to "Be a Democrat for a Day," come out and caucus for Sen. Obama:

You can be a Democrat for one day. Vote for Obama and then return to your voting status as you chose [sic].
Everyone regardless of party is welcome to be a Democrat for one day and vote. Republicans, Independents, Everyone, you can make THE difference. If you think a Democrat will win in November and you don't want Hillary you can come to the Democratic Caucus and vote for Obama.

What's the message here? I'm sure Nevada citizens are aware of how their caucus works. Seems to me the theme is "Come out and be a Democrat for a day. For Obama. Not for the Democratic Party's values or mission. For Obama. Because we have to stop Hillary Clinton."

I'm tired of this. I wanna go back to the politics of hope and being a uniter and taking the country in a different direction. I wanna discuss what the candidates are gonna do in Pakistan and the Middle East, since their votes in the Senate have had a direct influence on what's gone on and what will happen in the future. Let's compare and contrast their health care plans or their plans for the economy.

But when you have accusations of racism and bizarre fliers like this floating around, it just feeds the horse race meme, and not only does our democracy suffer, but it also feeds the GOP machine, which will be up and running at full speed if they ever decide on a candidate.

I'm a political junkie, but even I feel like checking into a 12-step program at this point. The Obama campaign is just a big, big letdown. They have enough differences with the Hillary camp to focus on, but this kind of stuff really highlights his inexperience at this level. Barack needs to say no to guys like Axlerod once in a while.

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