Wednesday :: Jan 16, 2008

Beer vs. Wine In California

by Jeff Dinelli

Maybe some of you left coasters can help me out with this story I just stumbled upon. Seems Obama vs. Hillary in California really comes down to the wine and cheese crowd vs. beer drinkers.

A pollster says the beer crowd consists of blue-collar workers, the elderly, and L.A. and rural area Latinos. The wine and cheese people are liberal, highly educated Bay-area voters, who will make up a quarter of the state's votes in the Tsunami Tuesday primary on February 5th.

According to this polling dude, Mark DiCamillo, who has been following the state's politics for 30 years, the beer crowd leans on the bar towards Hillary, while the wine crowd prefers Obama.

"If Obama has any chance of winning California, we should see it here in the Bay Area," DiCamillo said. "And he'll have to be winning here by double digits" - no easy task, considering the Clintons' long popularity in the area.

Hillary currently shows a 16-point lead in California, so Barack best get all he can muster in San Francisco. Chris Lehane, a Clinton worker, is predicting "the crazy Bay Area is going to pick the next President."

So what say you, Californians? Is this pretty accurate? I heard that Hillary was drinking a beer the other night at a campaign stop. Not sure if Obama has been imbibing anywhere, but in my experience cigarettes usually go better with beer (Barack's a closet smoker...please don't beat me up on this, it's pretty well known, and I AM NOT passing judgement, I couldn't care less, I'm a smoker myself).

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