Friday :: Jan 18, 2008


by Turkana

This does not help. From Hillary's website:

But no president can do it alone. She must break recent tradition, cast cronyism aside and fill her cabinet with the best people, not only the best Democrats, but the best Republicans as well.. We’re confident she will do that. Her list of favorite presidents - Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Lincoln, both Roosevelts, Truman, George H.W. Bush and Reagan - demonstrates how she thinks. As expected, Bill Clinton was also included on the aforementioned list.

Can Democrats please stop playing into the corporate media framing of Reagan as some sort of hero? This book, although out-of-print, is a must-read:

On Bended Knee: The Press and the Reagan Presidency.

Find it. Read it.

The corporate media's hagiography and historical revisionism of the Reagan era is bad enough, but for Democrats to play into it is inexcusable.

(h/t to G C, for the quote)

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