Saturday :: Jan 19, 2008

Nevada Results Thread

by Turkana

From the Nevada Democratic Party:

Current Nevada Democratic Caucus Results

Senator Hillary Clinton: 50.71%
Senator Barack Obama: 45.2%
Senator John Edwards: 3.74%
Uncommitted: 0.29%
Congressman Dennis Kucinich: 0.05%
Senator Mike Gravel: 0%

98.07% of precincts reporting.

12:11 PST: No precinct yet has more than 10% reporting.

12:13: One county has more than 10% in, and Hillary takes her first lead. It's very very very early.

12:17: Less than 5% of Clark County is in. I'm beginning to think Mike Gravel might not win this one.

12:18: That Hillary and Obama are tied, at this early stage, is no surprise. That Edwards is lagging so far behind is starting to become interesting. Again, though- it's very early.

12:24: The Nevada Dems site is locking up.

12:41: The Clinton-Obama race is shaping up pretty much as expected, but the early departure of John Edwards from Nevada is beginning to make sense. He was polling at about three times what he's getting, thus far.

12:56: Got in for a minute, and the numbers are holding. The big story may be Edwards. And Gravel.

1:12: Hillary's going to win. She's also carrying Clark County by more then 10%.

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