Saturday :: Jan 19, 2008

A Reality-Check on Nevada

by Turkana

Despite Senator Clinton's having won the Nevada Caucuses by a solid five-plus percentage points, an arcane weighting system may actually award Senator Obama one more delegate than is awarded to her. Because of that, according to The Nation, the campaign of hope and change is trying to spin their loss into a win. As Big Tent Democrat puts it:

So Obama is trumpeting LOSING by 6 points while spending the week crying about voter disenfranchisement? The Democratic voters of Nevada clearly chose Clinton and Obama is celebrating that the intent of the voters may be thwarted by these atrocious caucus rules?

UPDATE: I'm deleting some graphics that had been based on a post at Daily Kos. Markos says he was being ironic. A lot of people didn't get it.

The Obama campaign, however, has no excuse for the way they're trying to spin this. They and their supporters talk a lot about the sometimes cheap tactics of the Clinton campaign. They ought to be a little more attentive to their own.

UPDATE 2: Now that the Caucus is over with, it would be nice if the Nevada Democratic Party would revisit the legitimate grievances raised in the wrongly-timed lawsuit. Now that it won't be politicized, the issue of disenfranchised school employees needs to be addressed. And they really should scrap the caucus system, altogether.

UPDATE 3: From the Clinton campaign:

CAMPAIGN STATEMENT: Hillary Clinton won the Nevada Caucuses today by winning a majority of the delegates at stake. The Obama campaign is wrong. Delegates for the national convention will not be determined until April 19.


Also, this may add perspective:

Statement by Nevada Democratic Party Chair Jill Derby Regarding the Nevada Caucus

(Las Vegas, NV) Today, two out of three Nevadans who caucused chose a Democrat instead of a Republican for president. That is an overwhelming majority vote for a new direction. Just like in Iowa what was awarded today were delegates to the County Convention. No national convention delegates were awarded. The calculations of national convention delegates being circulated are based upon an assumption that delegate preferences will remain the same between now and April 2008. We look forward to our county and state conventions where we will choose the delegates for the nominee that Nevadans support.

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