Monday :: Jan 21, 2008

That Was Wrong? Never Mind!

by paradox

Watching the current imbroglio over the Correct Reagan Narrative one can only be amazed that the basic tenets of the narrative remain viable at all, for in the American political realm accuracy and being correct mean absolutely nothing to a certain class of politician and their media enablers.

It’s a regression of the infamous Costanza Defense, the character from Seinfeld who was confronted with his act of sleeping with the office cleaning worker—that was wrong? Conservatives and Republicans in our great land have, with incredulous arrogance, taken the Costanza Defense to the next regrettable level, they’ll look you straight in the face and knowingly proclaim something totally accepted as dis-proven and incorrect. That was wrong? Never mind!

Newt Gingrich and his nauseating little pack of adulterous cholos proclaimed far and wide that Bill Clinton had doomed America to fiery liberal disaster when he raised taxes, there was no limit to their utter denunciation of evil this terrible act would be on the well-being of our citizens. When of course these charlatans were shown to be totally wrong, what did they do? Impeach him. That part about Clinton dooming the country with higher taxes? Never mind!

This lip-curling episode is of course related to the greatest conservative whopper of all time, the appropriately named Laffer joke: cutting taxes raises revenue. David Stockman (Reagan’s first chump budget director), of all people, blew this reeking piece of shit human thinking all to hell out of the water in the early 80’s--thirty years ago for the love of baby Jesus--when he publicly admitted tax cuts to raise revenue had been a total disaster. Yet to this very day drooling GOP pod people like John McCain look reporters straight in the face and say it, cutting taxes raises revenue. Laffer was wrong? Never mind!

David Stockman, in fact, approved of Ronald Reagan’s raising taxes three times to try and fix the horrific mess they had caused, for 30 years ago character and honesty were still considered important to being a Republican. Now, of course, in the replay Gilded Age of inequality this fact is totally left out of the Reagan narratives. Ronal Reagan, a Republican, raised taxes three times? Never mind!

Probably the most tragic in all these acts of lunacy was the incomprehensible arrogance of George Bush as he ran for President in 2004. Saddam Hussein had no weapons of mass destruction? Never mind!

Abstinence Education is a total offensive joke that causes great harm and has even been refused by some states? Never mind!

As Republicans we spent 30 years thunderously denouncing debt and big government, so when we go control all we did was borrow and expand five times as much. Never mind!

We spent two generations condemning liberals as murderers over abortion, but when we blow up kids in Iraq for lies that’s just the way the world is supposed to be, baby. The Culture of Life? Never mind!

The evil encroaching federal government and its overbearing power over the states, dictating matters it had no business in. But hey, when it comes time to steal an election to hell with all that, do it. State’s Rights? Never mind!

It’s dismaying how one can go down any major public policy list to find the phenomena everywhere, “conservatives” and Republicans proclaiming statements and revisionist history that is laughably, indisputably, irrevocably wrong. Yet they simply don’t care, they wish the world to be a certain way and they want their rewards in it, come hell or high water. Character, honesty and truth mean nothing for qualifying as a Republican in 2008, they’re still all Bush Cheney cut taxes a 100 years in Iraq, do me.

The great question in all of this is, naturally, how the hell do they get away with it? After all the war, lies, debt and enabling American media propaganda its easy to state that conclusion as forgone, Republicans have been triumphantly on the march for 35 years, but I would argue that, in fact, the Republicans haven’t gotten away with it, and there are numerous obvious indicators that scream they’re about to pay holy hell it.

Massive numbers of new voters and independents are flocking to Democratic candidates, the macro participation numbers in the early primaries are amazing. Wrong track polling continues to shatter long-held records. So many Republicans are retiring from House, afraid to run at all, one wonders if any Republican incumbent will.

Enabling propaganda, war, sexism and racism, it turns out, will only take a political party so far. It took 30 years for it finally to sink in, but 2008 is finally going to be the election where Republicans find out how stupid and wrong they were for telling the American people to never mind.

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