Monday :: Jan 21, 2008

Bill Clinton needs to stand aside

by Turkana

Josh Marshall understands that Bill Clinton's in a tight spot, being a former President and current Party elder who should, ostensibly, remain above the fray, while also being married to a candidate in an increasingly bitter primary campaign. Even so:

With a day to think it about though I think he's actually hurting her more than he or perhaps she realizes. Narrowly speaking, in the zero sum context of her battle with Obama, he's probably helping her. You can't deny that Hillary is back in a strong position. But here's the thing. In the week or so leading up to the Nevada caucus I feel like I heard more from and about Bill Clinton than I did about Hillary Clinton.

Whether or not that's the media's fault, Marshall doesn't care to speculate, and he doesn't think it matters; but he does think it hurts Hillary to have Bill out there, sucking up the oxygen. I agree. It plays into so many of Hillary's critics' talking points, and it overshadows her own resume, record, and personal strengths. It also keeps in play the residual anger among liberals over Bill Clinton's centrist record, as president.

As I've previously pointed out, Hillary is at her best when she is allowed to be Hillary. Not managed, not spun, and not seen to be following in her husband's footsteps. Bill Clinton needs to step back. On a personal level, that can't be easy. On a political level, it may be necessary. People don't want another four years of his presidency. They're trying to decide whether they want four years of Hillary's.

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