Monday :: Jan 21, 2008

Atlanta's Mayor and Newspaper take Cheap Shots at Bill Clinton

by Turkana

Here's how the Atlanta Journal-Constitution headlines a short article about the Ebenezer Baptist Church memorial service for Martin Luther King:


Of course, Clinton's "fairy tale" remark had nothing to do with Obama's "rise."

And here are the opening paragraphs:

With former President Bill Clinton standing not 20 feet in front of her, Atlanta mayor Shirley Franklin took what appeared to be a political shot at the former president's comments about Barack Obama's candidacy.

Speaking at the 40th annual MLK commemorative service at Ebenezer Baptist Church, Franklin said the country is on the "cusp of turning the impossible into reality. Yes this is reality, not fantasy or fairy tales."

Only then does the AJC get to the actual facts:

Clinton, in supporting his wife Hillary's bid for the Democratic nomination, recently took heat for using the term "fairy tale" to describe Obama's depiction of his stance on the war.

Clinton's actual words, as reported by NPR:

"You said in 2004 there was no difference between you and George Bush on the war, and you took that speech you're now running on off your Web site in 2004. There's no difference in your voting record and Hillary's ever since. Give me a break. This whole thing is the biggest fairy tale I've ever seen," he said.

Get it?

Now, some in the blogosphere are highlighting the fact that Clinton didn't stand to applaud Mayor Franklin's speech, while Mike Huckabee, also in attendance, did. I find it hard to believe anyone would stand and applaud someone who took a cheap and dishonest shot at them while supposedly celebrating the memory of this nation's greatest spiritual leader.

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