Tuesday :: Jan 22, 2008

Clinton Campaign Providing Some Facts About Last Night

by Jeff Dinelli

Just in case you haven't seen this already, I thought I'd share some facts that the Clinton campaign is providing today.

Was Barack Obama ever for single-payer health care or not? Well, yes, he was while running for the Senate.

Did he really describe the GOP as the "party of ideas?" I think we've already determined that he did on this site.

And since no one ever really delves into Obama's record on anything, preferring to just dance to his tune, the Clinton campaign has been offering facts for a while now, including on some issues which were brought up last night, starting with those 130-some "present" votes he cast as a lawmaker here in Illinois. One of his "present" votes was on a bill that would offer victims of sexual assault more privacy protection. He has always claimed he favored the bill, but declined to vote in favor of it because it contained a legal error which would strike it down. The fact is he never supported a good bill that is now over seven years old.

Hillary pointed out last night that Obama has given little indication as to how he intends to pay for a lot of his spending proposals. He says that's not true. The fact is over $50 billion of his promised proposals are to this point unexplained.

Obama complained last night the Clintons were questioning his opposition to the war in Iraq. Actually, the Clintons aren't questioning the honesty in his fine 2002 anti-war speech back here in Illinois, they're questioning what he did, or didn't do, after that speech. During his Senate campaign, Obama promised he would "unequivocally" oppose funding the war, which would throw a monkey wrench in Bush's plans. In fact, as a U.S. Senator, he has voted for $300 billion in war funding.

What about Hillary's mention of Obama's connection to this Chicago insider Tony Rezko? When Obama was an attorney, he represented now-federally-indicted influence peddler Rezko in his efforts to develop government-subsidized slum housing. This isn't old news. Obama hasn't returned all of Rezko's contributions, including cash from straw donors or some from Illinois taxpayers like me.

Finally, U.S. Senator Obama voted against an amendment that would have capped credit card rates at 30%, saying that the limit was "too high." Now there are no caps at all on interest rates.

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