Wednesday :: Jan 23, 2008

Chris Dodd will again filbuster FISA

by Turkana

His official statement:

Few things are more detrimental to this country than the erosion of and attack on the civil liberties we enjoy. This isn’t a Democratic issue or a Republican issue; this is an American issue. If after debate, the Senate appears ready to pass legislation granting telecom providers retroactive immunity I will use any and all legislative tools at my disposal, including a filibuster, to prevent this deeply flawed bill from becoming law. More and more, Americans are rejecting the false choice that has come to define this administration: security or liberty, but never, ever both. For all those who have stood with me throughout this fight, I pledge, once more, to stand up for you.

Jane Hamsher has the statement of support, from John Edwards. If you'd like to help, mcjoan has the contact numbers for key Senators.

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