Thursday :: Jan 24, 2008

Reader Complains Of Ed Schultz' Attacks On Hillary

by Jeff Dinelli

Friend and Left Coaster fan Stuart Harris sent me this today about Ed Schultz' souring on Sen. Hillary Clinton:

Ed Schultz needs to get a grip!
I think Ed Schultz has gone way overboard in his constant, daily anti-Hillary rhetoric and anger at her, seemingly because she won't appear on his show at this time. I'm not necessarily a Clinton voter, but I think Schultz's anger and vitriol are starting to affect the way the election may turn out. He has legions of listeners. In other words, I believe that he is becoming the lead general in the proverbial Democratic circular firing squad that Republicans like to chatter about so gleefully.
I listen to Schultz' show daily from my office and I am just getting fed up with the angry rhetoric and false statements about Senator Clinton, coming from this usually likeable and affable radio host. To date, I have championed his show to hundreds of people here in Seattle and now everybody is talking about how much harm he is doing to the party itself. You can listen to his callers now phoning in and stating that because of his comments about the Clintons, which are very frequently out of context or mis-quoted or mis-characterizations, they would never be able to vote for her.
I called his show today and spoke with him on air about this problem because he had said in his opening monologue that Bob Kerry had stated that Obama was a Muslim, which is patently false, and I read him Kerry's direct comment. Schultz stated that he did not make the statement in his opening, but he did exactly what I repeated to him, and I listened to his exact words as I streamed the show in another time zone. Schultz was correct that he didn't say that Kerry had stated that Obama was Muslim in his opening prepared statement, Schultz said it in his off the cuff follow-up to his own written monologue. Schultz also proferred the Bill Clinton "fairy tale" remark offered by Michelle Obama in a campaign appearance in which she incorrectly stated that Bill Clinton had stated that Obama's campaign was a "fairy tale," which we all know is untrue. The comment was about Senator Obama's votes on the war, but Mr. Schultz also neglected to present the entire quote, just as Tim Russert and Mrs. Obama had done.
There have been many, many more outbursts by Schultz lately, which are just bad for the party, let alone Mrs. Clinton, who, let's face it, will be the nominee.
I don't want a Republican president and/or a Republican-dominated congress, so somebody needs to tell Ed Schultz to "cool it," as he is influencing millions of voters, not to mention the fact that he most assuredly is helping the Republican attack machine, which will rear its ugly head in due time. If I wanted to listen to a radio host rant about the "evil" Clintons, I'd listen to reich wing radio...

Noticed Ed on Chris Matthews' show last night, too. Maybe since Matthews waved the white flag he's looking for hitmen, and found an eager one in Big Ed.

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