Friday :: Jan 25, 2008

This Week With Hillary, More Questions For Obama

by Jeff Dinelli

Here's a smart Hillary quote from the debate Monday:

“…CLINTON: And, you know, I'm reminded of one of my heroes, Frederick Douglass, who had on the masthead of his newspaper in upstate New York, "The North Star," that right has no sex and truth has no color. And that is really the profound message of Dr. King.

You know, the content of our character, who we are as people. And I think that my pride in being part of this campaign -- now, look, it's a hard-fought campaign.

We have differences, but it would be unbecoming of any of us to not share those differences and to make the points we're making because we are competing for the most important job in the world at a time when our country has been disgraced abroad, when we have denied and ignored the problems that are afflicting people in South Carolina and across America, when we know we will inherit a huge amount of damage from President Bush upon taking office on January 20th, 2009, whoever the next president is.

So we are passionate about our cause, our candidacy, what we believe, what we want to do for America. And it is a great privilege for me to be part of this. And I think it's important that we stay focused on the future, what we are going to do together to make our country once again what it should be, to deal with this myriad of problems that await, because we can bring our country together and we can set big goals again.

We can start acting like Americans and solve those problems together, and that's what I want to do…”

Tuesday Hillary drew large crowds in Salinas, CA courting the Latino vote and drawing the endorsement of the United Farm Workers of America, an influential group founded by Cesar Chavez. She even joined in with the crowd chanting "Si, se puede! (Yes we can!)" A poll shows her with a 59%-19% advantage with Latinos likely to vote Feb. 5th. The L.A. Times opined that Obama has "little name recognition" among the ethnic bloc.

Cesar Chavez, a 23-year-old Hartnell student named after the activist but who is not related, said he hadn't decided to vote for Clinton until learning the UFW was endorsing her. Holding a stack of "America con Hillary" bumper stickers, the Salinas resident said his father and grandparents were UFW members in the Salinas Valley. "When I looked at her plans, I felt she had more experience," Chavez said.

This is an interesting post from somebody named CC on Dem Underground on Wednesday entitled, "Dear Obama":

If former President Clinton is upsetting you are you really ready for what the republicans will do in the general election? Just listened to a bit of primary coverage and all about how frustrated Obama is or may be on Bill's talking and how Hillary's radio ad is dirty politics, etc. I am not favoring either one and would say the same to Hillary, Edwards and every one else running and their supporters. This is nothing compared to what the repukes will be digging up, twisting and throwing at you in the general election. Learn from it now and be ready or get out. Any Democrat in the general election is going to have to be careful of how their words can be twisted and used against them. They will have to be able to sound natural while being sure they word things best they can to not be used and be ready to hit back forcibly and calmly to everything repukes and their followers throw at them.

Also Wednesday, I was, well, not necessarily suprised to see the LA Times pick up on the Tony Rezko story. Look for this to really gain some legs come Feb. 25th, when his federal case begins.

Speaking of Tony, you may have seen NBC this morning run an undated photo of Rezko with the Clintons, implying that the photo somehow equals Obama's 17-year relationship with the guy. Hold the phone, let's look at some facts to add to Turkana's post below:

Tony Rezko has never contributed a dime to Hillary or Bill Clinton. They have no relationship with Tony Rezko.

Tony Rezko has been described as Sen. Obama's "political patron" and friend of 17 years.

Tony Rezko and his associates have directly donated over $200,000 to Sen. Obama, and bundled more, but Sen. Obama has only returned $85,000. Sen. Obama's name recently appeared in court documents because it was revealed some money Rezko raised was funneled through at least one straw donor or stolen from the government.

Sen. Obama wrote letters to city and state officials that helped secure $14 million for Rezko in taxpayer money.

Sen. Obama helped Rezko impress potential investors by appearing at his business meetings.

Most famously, Sen. Obama and Rezko were involved in a controversial real estate transaction.

For more on Sen. Obama's relationship with Rezko, watch these segments from CNN and ABC.

And finally, Obama is getting help in the Bay Area from groups he used to criticize, namely 527's and PACs. Check it out.

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