Saturday :: Jan 26, 2008

Maybe he actually does know what he's doing...

by Turkana

Big Tent Democrat is angry at Bill Clinton for this story:

"She and John McCain are very close. They always laugh that if they wind up being the nominees of their parties, it would be the most civilized election in American history and probably put the voters to sleep," Bill Clinton said.

As Big Tent puts it:

Excuse me Mr. President, but if that is the case, I see no reason not to nominate the unity schtick candidate who can actually get good press for his unity schtick.

In the comments he says:

Excuse me

I guess some people think I am just kidding when I say we need to be ruthless with the Republicans in our politics of contrast/Fighting Dems approach.

I am not. Throwaway lines like this are emblematic of a fundamental misunderstanding of our current political climate.

I agree wholeheartedly with the sentiment. This is not a time to be appeasing or compromising or making nice. That's one of the fundamental problems I have with the Barack Obama approach to Republicans. It's one of the fundamental reasons I supported Chris Dodd, and now support John Edwards. At Politico, however, Jonathan Martin points out that Bill Clinton's quote is already being circulated by the Romney campaign, while Drudge has it prominently linked. The Republicans didn't like that quote any more than Big Tent or I did.

As Martin says:

This is not what John McCain needs going into a Republican-only primary in Florida Tuesday just as he's trying to prove his conservative credentials to those in the party's base who are still hesitant.

So, it occurred to me that McCain is the only Republican who is currently polling ahead of Hillary Clinton. In fact, he's also the only Republican who is polling ahead of Barack Obama or John Edwards. And Bill Clinton just said something that has the Republican base pissed off at John McCain, right before the most critical primaries.

For all the heat he's been taking, the past couple weeks, the Big Dog still just may be smarter than all of us.

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