Sunday :: Jan 27, 2008

The Legacy of Little Boots

by paradox

“…it's folly to rate a sitting president.” So drones a fat old white guy at The Washington Post this morning, only to flip completely around 1,100 lumbering words later to state “…we can indeed reach a short-term political judgment of George W. Bush.”

“…history isn't written by a single person or school of academic thought.” Readers can be extremely grateful this at least is decidedly so, for far too much of the history of this great land has been distorted and painted over by fat old white guys at The Washington Post, just as it was so sickeningly this morning yet again. At least in our time honest citizens can publish the truth, a completely foreign concept to enablers at The Washington Post.

Lou Cannon and his son are Republicans, so the first great lie of this pathetic work is the omission of the theft of the presidency that led to Little Boots in 2000. Absolute ironclad denial is a total pre-requisite to being a Republican, but the facts are screaming easy to see when reading Bush vs. Gore: in 2000 the USSC went berserk and blatantly stole the election for Bush.

Most Americans, in fact, are in denial or ignorance about the abhorrent start to the Bush presidency, refusing to see the rule of law and their country smashed right before them. When enough time passes and enabling is futile historians and journalists will quickly rank the election of 2000 right along with the utter disaster of the 1876 stolen election. Deliberately thwarting the will of the people with theft delivers predictably disastrous results.

“…widely seen as an ill-spoken, partisan rube who had led the nation into a needless foreign war. (Sound familiar?)” Yes it does, asshole, except for the tiny little detail that George Bush lied to get a nation to war, he didn’t lead it, and it wasn’t some backward Asian peninsula, it’s the flaming cauldron of the Middle East on top of the greatest resource pool on the planet.

After the stolen election this will be the second great historical milestone of the Bush presidency, how the worst of all time transformed America into a brutal, lying, killing conquering imperial power, completely abdicating any pretense of moral duty for preserving life and democracy on the planet. Most of the country is in complete denial about this too, but history will be quite blunt in its total condemnation for the disaster of the Iraq war and the emergence of the United States as a rogue murdering nation at the start of the 21st century.

The stolen election and Iraq war are what history will see, in fact, at what has been called a natural outgrowth of “movement conservatism” or “revolutionary powers” (Kissinger/Krugman), a political movement adhering to no principle or ethos except for its dominance and consequent destruction of the opposition party. History will easily see and record the modern American Republican Party succumbed to such a movement, unleashing the multiple disasters that have been inflicted on the country ever since.

Cannon cites Bush tax cuts a great historical achievement for Bush, but tax cuts are part of the modern quack loony Laffer Republican movement mantra, historically Republicans were never so stupidly and slavishly advocating endless tax cuts.

The other “accomplishment” listed for Bush is the stacking of the federal bench with Republican judges, hardly a shining example of power and effort, this terrible legacy is just an outcome of holding office, Bush never did any of the work to place these judges. Bush stole an election and started a war with lies to get his office; still, those judges are there for life and this is undoubtedly a great thing for Republicans.

So conveniently left out of this propaganda written by a fat old white guy are the words “Katrina, Abu Ghraib, deficit, science” and “global warming.” Historians in the future will immediately note one of the reasons all of the horrors of Bush were unleashed was because of the vast, efficient corporate “journalism” propaganda machine that enabled it. Most Americans are so used to it and so steeped in the denial of their exceptionalism they simply don’t see it, but what was published this morning by the Cannon guys in The Washington Post is plain propaganda.

The authors also should have stuck to their second proposition, that it is indeed obvious that the historical conclusion of the Bush presidency will be one of a horrifying disaster, the worst president of all time inflicting innumerable felonies on his people and the world. There’s still a year to go but it’s totally obvious even now.

Will history record that the United States started back on a path of sanity and health with the election of a Democrat for President in 2008? Such is the great, crucial task now facing us as a people and a country.

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