Monday :: Jan 28, 2008

FISA: Cloture Fails, and the Republicans are soft on terror!

by Turkana

Jane Hamsher has it:

The interim measure passed in August that allowed the House to go on vacation lest George Bush hold them after school, the Protect America Act, is set to sunset this Friday, February 1.

The Republicans in the Senate, acting at George Bush's behest, failed to get cloture on the Intelligence Committee's version of the FISA bill, so there will be no up-or-down vote. They then blocked along straight party lines a 30 day extension of the PAA that would keep protections in place they've been insisting at top volume were absolutely necessary for American security because the President told them to.

For the record: Senators Clinton and Obama were there, to vote against cloture. Thanks to both of them! Biggest thanks, of course, to Senator Dodd, who has made this issue a personal crusade, and who is showing the type of leadership that has been so sadly lacking from our Congressional leaders.

The House will pass a 30 day extension, but as Jane points out, Senate Republicans probably won't allow one. Bush has said he'd veto it. This proves, once again, that the entire program is a sham. If our national security was so dependent on it, Bush and the Republicans would desperately want to pass an immediate extension, keeping America safe while Congress has another month to argue over making it permanent. So, either Bush and the Republicans know that FISA isn't as important to national security as they claim it is, or they don't really care about national security. You decide.

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