Tuesday :: Jan 29, 2008

More Celebrity Gossip and Candid Photos!!!

by Turkana

In my continuing effort to make this site more friendly to any random visitors from the corporate media, here are some stories you won't want to miss!

The most candid photos of your favorite celebrities can be found at this amazing website!

Britney? Paris? Lindsey? Tomcat? Brangelina? Guess what was the hottest story of 2007...

And guess who looks to be the breakout star of 2008!

As the election cycle opened in Iowa, guess what everyone was really talking about!

Partying too hard? The word is out, and guess who is the latest to be rumored to be living out of balance!

Thin is in! Legendary diva rapidly losing weight!

Hollywood plastic surgeon reveals the secrets of the stars!

A curious new disease breaks out at a famous European hot spot!

Hot and hunky newscasters are the focus of this fascinating gossip!

Ever wonder how the stars never seem to age? Find out in this exclusive report!

Not again! Another famous star is said to be rapidly losing weight!

Just a hint: this story is hot, hot, hot!

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