Tuesday :: Jan 29, 2008

A Picture's Worth Too Much Spin

by Turkana

There's a photo making the rounds. I won't post it, but most of you have probably seen it: Senators Hillary Clinton, Ted Kennedy, and Barack Obama. The trivia-obsessed corporate media, and various political partisans, are trying to spin it into yet another stupid controversy. That's what they do. And, as is so often the case, they're missing the real story: on the day Senator Kennedy endorsed Senator Obama, Senator Clinton reached out to shake Senator Kennedy's hand. Classy move.

Earlier, Senator Kennedy was interviewed by Time's Karen Tumulty:

This has been, of course, seen as a rebuke in some ways of the Clintons.

E.K.: I'm for a candidate; I'm for Barack Obama. I have enormous respect for Senator Clinton; I have great respect for President Clinton. I've worked with them on different issues. I have as well with John Edwards. I've worked with him on the Patients Bill of Rights; I worked on the Judiciary Committee [with him]. I would campaign wholeheartedly if they gain the nomination. I indicated that to them. This is about who you're for, not who you're against. That's the way I looked at it.

Classy statement.

Senator Clinton rose above her disappointment to graciously greet Senator Kennedy; and Senator Kennedy made clear that he's not against Senator Clinton, he's for Senator Obama. It would be nice if the corporate media and some of the candidate partisans would take note.

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