Tuesday :: Jan 29, 2008

To Rudy, with love: Florida results open thread

by Turkana

CNN seems to have the results before the state posts them...

90% reporting
Clinton 810,952 50%
Obama 532,953 33%
Edwards 235,155 14%

90% reporting
McCain 657,091 36%
Romney 561,564 31%
Giuliani 268,871 15%
Huckabee 245,209 14%

Hillary's been declared the Democratic winner. No delegates are being allocated, but it's a popular vote statement.

CNN declares McCain the winner! Florida is winner-take-all, for the Republicans, so that's a fat 57 delegates!

The only questions, now, are whether Giuliani beats Huckabee for third, and whether Hillary tops 50%.

And it's official: Rudy's out, and will endorse McCain. (h/t Kagro X)

Given that they were neck-and-neck in the polls, and that Romney vastly outspent him, this is a very solid win for McCain.

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