Tuesday :: Jan 29, 2008

Florida - and The Snub

by eriposte

UPDATE: Sen. Obama had stated last Fall that he'd "do what's right by Florida voters" - i.e., do what he can to seat the Florida delegates at the DNC eventually. So, let me just say I am underwhelmed by the criticism of Sen. Clinton - aka the Clinton Double Standard - on this particular topic.

Congratulations to Sen. Clinton on a great victory in Florida, with 50% of the popular vote (some counting still left)! According to the CNN exit poll, she won the male and female vote and the vote across multiple age brackets. She also appears to have won around 25% of the African-American vote and 60% of the Latino vote - not to mention the Independent vote 40-30 over Sen. Obama (see the MSNBC FL exit poll). This is impressive all around.

This was another primary with the kind of massive turnout that warms my heart. (As Kate Sheppard had previously noted at TAPPED, "As of the end of early voting on Sunday, 437,038 Democrats had voted, and another 70,000 absentee ballots were expected. That's more than quadruple the number of Democrats that voted early or absentee in the 2004 primary.") That ought to count for something -- and it does.

Interestingly, according to the CNN exit poll, Sen. Clinton also won the late deciders, which is promising. So, it's 4-2 now, with Sen. Clinton having won NH, MI, NV and FL and Sen. Obama having won IA and SC. It's going to be an interesting week leading to Super Tuesday. Taylor Marsh has this video of Sen. Clinton's remarks in Florida, along with these comments:

After 2000, Florida matters.

We're calling this a win, a big win. No Democrat campaigned in Florida, but Clinton got the most votes by a mile. Obama can continue his sour grapes strategy, even with a Florida cable ad buy. We gave him credit where it was due for South Carolina. It would be nice to see some class from him, but after The Snub I won't hold my breath. Today, Clinton wins Florida and she won it big.

CNN has called Florida for John McCain.

Todd Beeton at MyDD:

Clinton: It was a great victory for the voters of Florida. Their votes will be counted."

Update [2008-1-29 22:29:23 by Todd Beeton]: Clinton: "We agreed that we would not campaign in Michigan and Florida and we did not."

Clinton: "Any Democrat needs to win Florida and Michigan if we're going to have a victory in November. We need to start thinking about victory for the Democrats and that's what I'm going to do."

As an aside, this has been making some news today and I do want to mention it - The Snub - because this is not the first time Sen. Obama has behaved weirdly towards Sen. Clinton. Here's Whoopi Goldberg on this latest incident captured in these photographs (via Taylor Marsh):

P.S. May I add that I just want this primary campaign to be over!!!

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