Wednesday :: Jan 30, 2008

Hillary's Florida Numbers, Unity, and Ralph Nader

by Jeff Dinelli

Interesting numbers from Florida:

Hillary wound up with more votes than John McCain. She won women, men, and just about every age category. She won the youth vote. She won 6 in 10 Latinos and nearly 3 in 10 African American voters. Well over 1.5 million Democrats cast their ballots, more than twice the number of voters who came out to vote in the 2004 primary. Among those who decided on Election Day, a plurality of those chose Hillary.

Clinton announced today she will be holding a webcast town hall on the eve of Super-Duper-Monster Tuesday, with events held in 21 of the 22 voting states all connected by satellite and broadcast on her website.

Check out this campaign ad. Republicans are really screwed up.

A voice of reason found commenting on a Kos post:

would you please stop putting your thumb on the scale?
I realize that Clinton is surrounded by the old DLC jokers. I realize that Bill Clinton is campaigning aggressively for her.
But believe it or not, you have become big enough that your 'endorsement' matters. Your analysis of Clinton matters - to many people.
With the success of Kos comes some awesome responsibilities - one such responsibility is to play fair and to not put your thumb on the scale.
because, should Hillary become the nominee, your words will be used to help elect McCain.
And that is just fact. Whether you like it or not.
"even the ultra-liberal Kos cannot stand Hillary Clinton"
"Even the far-left thinks she is conniving and corrupt"
"Even the Democrats think she is not a nice person".
So, please, stop feeding the right-wing monster. Let the primaries play out.

Establishing an exploratory committee and launching a web site, Ralph Nader is readying an independent run for President. He doesn't have nice things to say about Hillary or Obama, saying they should be more agressive in the Senate to tax corporations more fairly and fight for a higher minumum wage. After Dennis Kucinich and today, John Edwards dropped out, he is concerned that the populist, anti-corporate message has been left in a ditch on the side of the road.

"When Kucinich threw in the towel, now you have Edwards gone — who's going to carry the torch of democratic populism against the relentless domination of powerful corporations of our government?" Nader said. "You can't just brush these issues to the side because the candidates are ignoring them."

Nader says he's especially disappointed with Obama:

"His record in the Senate is pretty mediocre," Nader said. "His most distinctive characteristic is the extent to which he censors himself. He hasn't performed as a really progressive first-term senator would."
His "self-censorship," Nader said, "is a reflection of character."

Don't talk to him about being a "spoiler," either.

"That is the sign of political bigotry," he said. "Why aren't the major candidates spoilers? They represent parties that spoil our electoral system and our government."

That's a damn good point. But is it a GOP dream come true?

What if Nader and Bloomberg both jump in? When's the last time we had a four person election? My brother is telling me 1912, but I haven't looked it up.

Now that it's pretty much a certainty that John McCain is a lock to be the Republican nominee, it's interesting to note that Mitt Romney out-spent the Arizona Senator 7-1 out west and 5-1 in Florida. Sorry Mitt, you can't just buy an election.

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