Thursday :: Jan 31, 2008

The Edwards Campaign: Going Wrong by Trying To Do What's Right

by Turkana

With John Edwards having dropped out of the presidential campaign, many very wise people are analyzing the reasons for his candidacy's failure to gain more traction. I'm not as smart as these people, but I'll add a possibility: money.

Hillary Clinton: Spent $40,472,775 On hand $50,463,013
Barack Obama: Spent $44,167,993 On hand $36,087,190
John Edwards: Spent $18,028,752 On hand $12,397,048

Edwards based his campaign on a populist appeal, while challenging the wealthy special interests that control our government. He was unable to raise anywhere near the amounts of money Senators Clinton and Obama were able to raise. The corporate media ignored and marginalized him. The presidential campaign of John Edwards went wrong because he was attempting to do what's right.

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