Thursday :: Jan 31, 2008


by Turkana

Bush's budget priorities, as reported by Politico:

Setting the stage for one last budget battle with the Democratic Congress, President Bush plans to propose $178 billion in long term cuts to Medicare in the fiscal 2009 budget he will unveil on Monday.

I want to hear the Republican candidates' reactions. Cutting Medicare doesn't sound like the best electoral strategy.

Across the board, Bush is looking to freeze nondefense programs, and will propose less than 1 percent increase in all domestic programs. As Politico reported last week, Bush will not ask for full funding for the war in Iraq, and will instead only ask for funding through early 2009, when a new president will take over.

When the drunken frat boy can take his sledgehammer, and wander off to Dallas, leaving adults to clean up after him. His life story.

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