Friday :: Feb 1, 2008

Fundraiser at Orcinus

by paradox

I’ve been slammed at work’n home the last few days so I was unaware that Dave Neiwert ramped up his fundraiser at Orcinus Wednesday. If you’ve got $5 to spare do go over and say hi to Dave, I can assure you with all my soul it’s worth it.

Orcinus represents some of the best writing, thinking, aesthetics, and adherence to principle to be found anywhere in blogtopia. Every time I see and read Orcinus I’m so grateful our country produced the souls who guide and create it, I’ve learned so much there, enjoyed the human experience so much there.

It is a place of reflection and study, an escape of American speed and rush. So many priceless jewels of knowledge, history and insight are in the links at Orcinus I can only fervently hope that others find them, and that Dave and Sarah grace us with their peerless service for many more years.

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