Saturday :: Feb 2, 2008

Ignored Not Much Longer

by paradox

Stepping back from President Bush’s State of the Union address four days one is struck at how the country and Americans have become completely accustomed to being utterly ignored. Iraq continues to be a horrifying cauldron of failure, the disaster of federal deficit is a significant detriment in an economy gone to hell, New Orleans still festers in unbelievable neglect and incompetence, health care is another horror, the Army and Marine corps are busted with the Reserves wiped out, infrastructure and education scream for investment, and yet what does the President of the United States babble on about?

Earmarks. This from an utter charlatan of wanton drunken spending the likes of which will never be seen again, after blowing half a trillion dollars on Iraq (so far) in a nauseating unending horror show this felon, this rank liar with lakes of blood at his feet, actually expected someone, anyone, to think he was serious in this ludicrous yap of infuriating denial about spending discipline—it was as if Stalin had showed up and lectured Congress on the rights of political prisoners.

Yet Americans watched seriously, markets opened the next day, flags flew, Super Bowl party planning furiously continued. Simply amazing.

Why are so few of us ranting and protesting against this war? Why are not the streets filled with people acting to end the loss of life and limb?

Such was the plaintive bewilderment from a patriot at Daily Kos this morning, not at all in denial about the smashed country all around him. Well, this writer, like most Americans, is simply unwilling to get in a club fight with the local cops who literally live down the street, and after approximately 15 years of having the bedrock principle of the Will of the People routinely shit upon (approval rating at 29%? So?) Americans have simply become used to the laughable absurdity of it all.

Used to it and unwilling to riot about it, yes, but there are numerous indicators—well beyond approval and wrong track polling numbers—that show Americans are indeed enraged with a red hot intensity at the rubble of their country all around them and are seriously, righteously on the march to change the current power structures in Washington as much as they can.

Barack Obama raised more money in one month that John McCain has for his entire campaign—holy Jesus, words do no justice. The gross participation numbers for the early primaries are staggering in the huge Democratic numbers, vast armies of Democrats got Godzilla on the brain, my God. Most exciting of all is the smashing breakthrough of the Democratic Party to politically organize—not just raise shattering amounts of money—through the new medium of the internet.

The Broadcast Model (as the political scientists say) of American politics is finally being broken before our very eyes. Propagandist Katie Couric clucked on the CBS Evening News last night that golly gee, folks, just look at all these Congressmen who applauded Bush about earmarks have who have earmarked---oooooo---hundreds of millions themselves. For any citizen who has been remotely paying political attention through the internet the total fantasy approach to the story, so ludicrous in its disgusting detachment from any relevant reality to federal spending, was and is pathetic.

It’s precisely one of the primary reasons Bush can prattle on like an utter mental patient idiot as the President of the United States on national television, but if Katie Couric and CBS don’t know it yet the American people sure as hell do, the days of the Broadcast Model when a felon like Bush can prattle fantasy and Katie Couric blatantly enables him are over. Finito. Finally gone, the internet is spreading the truth and a way to organize out of the stifling bullshit that’s wrecked our country.

There aren’t riots in the streets, but Americans are on the march for change with a burning intensity. The Broadcast Model is still furiously trying to act as if all is just the same, foolishly unaware the more it desperately tries to uphold all the absurdity and fantasy the faster it speeds its own demise.

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