Sunday :: Feb 3, 2008

An Election for Our Own People

by paradox

In three days I will cast my vote in the California Democratic primary, a perfunctory simple evolution I’ll be glad to accomplish in a very busy day. Unlike Kevin Drum I’m totally un-impressed with tepid tinkering to the abhorrent disaster of term limits and will vote No—when Californians propose to actually follow the outcome of an election every two years I’ll listen, Jesus. Of course every other initiative gets and un-thinking instant No, how any Californian seriously legitimizes the nuclear holocaust initiatives have inflicted upon the Golden State by voting for them is beyond me.

I am not undecided in my vote for President, and will not discuss the matter further. I am not at all unhappy in my choice, nor I am pleased; it’s been quite obvious for a very long time that this is not a liberal election, nothing of what I hold most dear to me for what I want to see happen with our people is being frankly talked about.

I think this writer at Daily Kos lays it out extremely well: promise accountability for the smashing of the constitution, stop exporting death, health care is not a profit center, culture is practiced, not imposed. What I see is our candidates practicing is a very careful election in a media environment they’re plainly afraid of, knowing they can show their ass to the Democratic base because voters like me will never, ever vote for a Republican in 2008.

I’m not angry about that in the least, it may in fact be good correct politics for this election, and however one feels about being taking advantage of one must admit Clinton and Obama are certainly right, I’m voting for either of them in the general no matter what they say or do, it’s a given fact like the earth is round, and just as implacable.

Election 2008 is make-or-break for the Republic. I fear no Republican, I’ve just watched what they can do for eight years: smash any government institution they can to deliberately discredit its legitimacy, breaking the regulatory hold of government to loot the public commons and exploit private takeover. They’re lying killers who have horribly jeopardized our security in every possible way, it’s not an exaggeration in the least to state there will not be a United States of America in 2050 if these lunatics currently in power continue to wreck the country in 2009.

I’m continually flabbergasted at the blithe acceptance to the destruction these felons inflict upon our institutions right in plain sight every day, even when they are allegedly the few prized jewels of government the Republicans believe in! Holy Jesus Christ in a smoking jacket, as Turkana recently posted Bush and Cheney are even wrecking the US Army and Marine Corps!

There…is…nothing these execrable excuses for humans will not do in their appalling self-centered quest to rule, to rule—not govern—in their gross exploitation of the national and global commons. Nothing.

I’m also extremely confident that message has got home to the American public and is being more vividly understood every hour, as I’ve written before all very early signs point to smashing Democratic victory in 2008. I’m not taking anything at all for granted, absolutely nothing, and will frenetically do everything I can for the Democratic nominee after the convention.

Some would say I’m failing in my duty by not applying my principles in the nomination process. I think that’s valid criticism, actually. For that failing all I will say is that I have not been inactive so far in serving the liberal and Democratic cause this election, and the harm I’ve caused I’ve done what I can to fix.

So that whoever the Democratic nominee is wins in 2008, wins as smashingly as she or he can, so we as a people and a country have a chance sometime in the near future for a real liberal election, an election where Democrats aren’t afraid of the media and advance a liberal and environmental agenda that makes my heart sing.

I am a proud liberal for the Little People. It’s a goddamn screaming fucking outrage all of the current “stimulus” package isn’t instantly going to the poor, all of it, for food stamps, housing allowance, and clothing. How is it possible Senators, Representatives and candidates ignore the food lines at the churches and homeless shelters? These are human Americans, they are not waste in a capitalistic machine, I swear to God one day America will serve everyone in this land.

The rule of law is the blood of any Republic. One day we will have candidates who will properly know their duty to do everything they possibly can to defend it and make all Americans accountable to it.

America will have to accept the reality that the air, our atmosphere, is in fact a global resource commons. Our destiny is to be an Electric America, mostly from solar, and one day a candidate will eventually enforce a law that abolishes the internal combustion engine, not just the incandescent light bulb.

That election of the future will have to wait. I continue to be aware that I might be positively surprised at what Clinton or Obama will do for own people when she or he gets elected, both of them have my fullest confidence in stopping the destruction of the Republic in 2009, and I eagerly look forward to the general election with all possible resources and efforts at the ready. God damn right.

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