Monday :: Feb 4, 2008

American Media Beyond Disgraceful

by paradox

If you want to get lied to, watch television news.

Katie Couric enabling Bush with a grossly narrow view of Congressmen who have abused earmarks themselves? Propaganda.

For this I get a lot of mental looks askance, a rolling of the eyes that the poor dude never will get over Election 2000. The radical blog The Left Coaster, this place was described by a German once; even among my own people I’m considered fringe, far-left, the liberal core, always bleedin’ for the poor.

Well, the empathy for the poor part is correct, certainly, but the rest is total absurdity, I’m a conformist employed regulated capitalism Hispanic who can’t speak Spanish, all I want is to ably perform my duty, I don’t even give a shit about a boat anymore. Tries to cook well, work well, when I can read the news on the net, another Fidel, that’s me.

So before work today what do I find? That utter charlatan scumbag Jake Tapper fabricated complete bullshit about what Bill Clinton recently said, that “we need to slow down our economy to combat global warming.” Even the right wing blogs are calling the bunk on this idiocy, but naturally, of course, the slavering pack of jackals in the US journalism corps have spread the story quickly, far and wide, total idiots in spreading something completely wrong.

They were called on it days ago but they’re completely oblivious. It’s almost beyond comprehension that our media could be this bad, how many years have they been so terrible? Yet they never learn, they never get better, they continue to screw our people horribly by mangling their critical duty so wantonly. Just incredible.

I don’t need this. All I want to do is get some truth before work, why can’t an American read the news and not get lied to? For this, of course, I will get labeled a ranter. Nice rant, they’ll say. Perfect.

Oh well. I’ll say it anyway: if you want to get lied to, watch television news, especially political news. Those “Americans” care nothing for the truth and work for the interests of corporations, no one else. I know it like the sun’s about to rise.

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