Monday :: Feb 4, 2008

Michelle Obama Not Sure If She'd Support Hillary

by Jeff Dinelli

I mentioned this in Steve's comment thread but this really needs more attention. Watch this video of Michelle Obama.

For those of you without YouTube access right now, here's a rough transcript:

GMA: Could you see yourself working to support Hillary Clinton should she win the nomination?

MICHELLE OBAMA: I'd have to think about that. I'd have to think about that, her policies, her approach, her tone.

GMA: That's not a given?

MICHELLE OBAMA: You know, everyone in this party is going to work hard for whoever the nominee is. I think that we're all working for the same thing. and, you know, I think our goal is to make sure that the person in the White House is going to take this country in a different direction. I happen to believe that Barack is the only person who can really do that.

Ok, she needs to retract this and this nonsense has to stop. As progressives, as liberals, as mainly Democrats, we have to fully commit to supporting the Democratic nominee to keep another Republican out of the White House. What is it about Hillary that Obama fans find so hideously unappealing? Aren't their platforms similar enough? Isn't the importance of winning the general election important enough to unite behind the Democratic nominee, even if it's not your first pick?

Furthermore, what if Big Bad Bill Clinton had said this? Can you imagine the uproar? What is it about Obama supporters that they keep bringing up this threat of not supporting Hillary if she wins the nomination? What are they going to do, vote for McCain? Really? You want a draft instituted, to support his plans of having troops in Iraq for 50, 60, even 100 years? I'd take a really close look at his platform before threatening to support him.

Look, fight like hell for your candidate. Do all you can so that he/she wins the nomination. But keep your eyes on the freakin' prize, will you? We have two good candidates. If we fracture, if we show weakness, if we show even a hint of being soft in our opposition to Republican lunacy, we will lose in November.

***By the way, on another topic, can anyone explain this?

"Look, the only people for Hillary Clinton are the Democratic establishment and white women. The Democratic establishment -- it would be crazy for the Democratic Party to follow an establishment that's led it to defeat year after year. White women are a problem, that's, you know -- we all live with that." -- NYT columnist Bill Kristol

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