Wednesday :: Feb 6, 2008

As reality fades on some far horizon

by Turkana

Hillary Clinton's fundraising woes are being spun in the blogs as proof of her candidacy's imminent demise. Act surprised. Huffington Post has an ominous banner headline, and it's the top story at both Talking Points Memo and Politico, but smintheus, at Daily Kos, takes it to its illogical extreme:

As we saw with Giuliani, when presidential candidates decide to get in touch with the working poor by surrounding themselves with unpaid staff, that can be a sign of a campaign's impending collapse.

Except, of course, that Giuliani had won no delegates, had won no states, had not even come close to winning any states, had no hope of soon winning any states, and was lagging in all the national and state polls. Clinton, on the other hand, is probably ahead in the total delegate count, just won the biggest prize of all, has been winning from coast to coast, is the clear favorite in the largest remaining states- Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Texas, and is surging in Gallup's daily tracker. But other than that, the comparison is apt.

Now, it's true that Clinton needs to begin raising more big money. She doesn't need to raise as much as Obama, but she needs enough to get her message out. With so many reasons to now be optimistic, after weeks of having been pummeled by the media and what was once known as the netroots, and after watching a slew of big names come out to endorse Obama, it would be surprising if she didn't succeed. As Markos has pointed out, despite what you read in the blogs, Clinton is very popular with core Democrats. Neither she nor they will give up easily.

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