Friday :: Feb 8, 2008

The Must-Seriously-Nail-"Billary"-Clinton (MSNBC) Network [aka Obama Network #1]

by eriposte

In terms of sheer depravity, I can't think of a better analogy to describe what has happened to the media during the Democratic primary other than the media's and particularly Fox News' worship of George Bush not too long ago (the comparison may even be somewhat apt it seems). But MSNBC takes the cake. Now, Chris Matthews - a long-time Clinton/Gore hater and all-round fraudster - has always been a third-rate scumbag and sexist hack. He's like the kind of trash you wouldn't want to even accidentally step on with your dirtiest shoes - the male version of Maureen Dowd. What is interesting is Keith Olbermann - who at one time had at least a modicum of professionalism and integrity compared to other broadcasters - has been competing with Chris Matthews to see who could possibly behave more unprofessionally and act more servile to Sen. Obama. At one level, this doesn't really surprise me one bit because Olbermann had cultivated his audience (i.e., $$$) from progressive blogs like Daily Kos. Once blogs like Daily Kos became Obama strongholds, and when Chris Matthews' shilling for Obama and hatred for Clinton became Olbermann's daily inspiration, I can see why he sacrificed what little principles and professionalism he might have had. Considering that Sen. Obama's website has a supporter-created section for Olbermann fans, I figure Olbermann might as well move his show to Sen. Obama's campaign website.

Sad to say, David Shuster is also in a race to the bottom - why wouldn't he be when his role models are Matthews and Olbermann? Anyway, there aren't enough unpleasant words in the dictionary to describe the god-awful nonsense from Shuster captured in this video - embedded below (via Masslib1 at MyDD). This is scumbaggery at its worst - the kind of stuff that one usually sees from the deranged fringe like Chris Matthews, Rush Limbaugh or Michael Savage - and Taylor Marsh has a lot more on this. Here's the money quote from Shuster:

[SHUSTER]: Doesn't it seem like Chelsea's sort of being pimped out in some weird sort of way?

Credit goes to Bill Press for expressing his disgust at Shuster's comment.

[PRESS] No! [...] If she didn't wanna be there, she wouldn't be there....Give Chelsea a break!

I generally don't like to use the blog to point people to the fundraising websites of political campaigns, but this is the kind of s*** that makes me mad enough that I'm going to make an exception.

Webpage to contribute to Hillary Clinton (if you are so inclined)

As for MSNBC, naturally, this is not the first time that Shuster has behaved like a moron. Media Matters has another example and contact information on the right side of this page as you scroll down. If I were you I'd be civil, polite, courteous and post-partisan when you write to them. (More from Big Tent Democrat - also see here.)

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