Friday :: Feb 8, 2008

Cannot and Will Not!

by Turkana

James Dobson is a man of great principle and integrity. So, when he releases a statement declaring that he cannot and will not support John McCain for president, you know he will stand by it. In fact, as reported by Right Wing Watch, Dobson is going one step farther. Here's a statement released by Dobson and his Focus on Family Action:

Focus on the Family Founder and Chairman Dr. James Dobson invites values voters to pledge to uphold pro-family principles during this year’s election.

In response to the media’s efforts to minimize the impact of values voters, Dr. Dobson and Focus on the Family Action are initiating a nationwide Values Voter Pledge. The pledge is a statement by citizens who are committing to vote only for candidates who uphold the highest pro-life, pro-faith and pro-family principles.

Focus Action is hoping 1 million voters will take the pledge, which will serve as a demonstration of the strength and seriousness of Values Voters in this election.

And RWW even provides the link to the pledge itself, in case you want to forward it to any friends who might want to sign it.

I think this nation's "values voters" ought to stand with Dobson. It's time they all finally made themselves heard! I also think one million people isn't even close to being enough to really make the point, and I think this pledge doesn't come close to going far enough. Dobson himself is doing more than simply making this pledge, he is vowing not to vote for McCain. Cannot and will not! No hedging and no compromising! I think all those very devout evangelicals who so revere Dobson really ought to demonstrate their devotion and their own principles and integrity by standing with him. Cannot and will not! Values friends don't let values friends vote for McCain!

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