Saturday :: Feb 9, 2008

David Shuster and Keith Olbermann

by eriposte

I see that Shuster after initially mischaracterizing his own comments, then standing his ground and issuing a non-apology apology, finally offered an apology for his terrible remark about Chelsea Clinton. As it turns out, Olbermann has graciously apologized as well. I was pretty upset at Shuster but I did not call for him to be suspended. The person who really needs to be ejected from MSNBC is Chris Matthews, not David Shuster. While I have been disappointed at the rabid Clinton hating and anti-Clinton bias at MSNBC of late, I would like to believe that Shuster and Olbermann are generally good guys. I probably went a bit over the top in my criticism of Olbermann yesterday because I was pretty upset at the turn of events - and I certainly regret that. The Shuster incident just triggered an immediate reaction from me after MSNBC's pattern of sexism and unprofessionalism when it comes to Sen. Clinton. I would still understand if the Clinton campaign refused to debate on NBC/MSNBC, but that is up to them at this point.

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