Wednesday :: Feb 13, 2008

Wednesday Night Washout // Open Thread

by paradox

Just a few darts to launch out into the political world on a blustery winter evening; as always, the primaries creep into the scene. What can a guy do? It’s the world we live in.

/* Mel Gibson has met the terms of his no-contest plea for drunk driving with public apologies (again) for his appalling anti-Semitism, but I noticed very clearly that the part of the episode where he called a deputy “sugar tits” has been left out of the official story of redemption.

It’s not okay to excuse and ignore the sexism and the misogyny. You’ve got one hell of a long way to go, Mr. Gibson.

/* If you need to feel especially good, I totally suggest one’s favorite cozy drink or comfort food, ambient lighting, and a clear head knowing that the next column is going to be a beauty for the ages, to be savored like any fine wine.

Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Eric Boehlert: Poetic Justice: Limbaugh Tries to Tear to the GOP Apart.

/* There is great glory on to be had on the net, but it can be a very dangerous place for those who espouse ideas or positions, for it’s also an extremely good medium at demonstrating you’re wrong, if one happens to be. I’ve been there.

Yeah, I think we can all say I’ve made some mistakes in this world. I know Paul Krugman wishes more than anything for the primaries to be over, so I just wish he’d say he was sorry for calling the Obama people cultists. It happened, it’s a very small thing, let’s move on.

Paul will always be one of my heroes, he earned the eternal status years ago.

/* I wish a grocery chain would get smart and just give away a cloth bag with every purchase.

Think of the vast marketing possibilities, think of how ubiquitous the branding could become weaved into all America, for of course the bags will be used for everything, not just groceries.

I suppose there’s not much thinking going on in the grocery world, it’s hardly a brilliant idea. In the Age of Bush, I often fear, we got too used to not thinking and stupidity; probably an irrational meander, I know, but we should be smarter than we are everywhere, and we’re just not.

G’night, Left Coasters. Three-day coming up!

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